Mr Kat & Friends

Mr kat & Friends, a world of 36 animated characters with strong personalities. it conveys warmth, joy and happiness. The main character, Mr Kat, is a black and white cat. Whenever and wherever he is, he is always considerate, sincere and cheerful.

Mr Kat

Mr Kat is a little black and white cat with big aspirations.

he loves to walk across the rooftops at night and wait for the sun to rise.


Vanilla is Mr Kat’s adopted baby. 

She is a fluffy, independent and playful little Kat, with a warm heart.

Cosmic Panda

Cats sleep A LOT. When Mr Kat sleeps, he visits his other best friend Cosmic Panda in his dreams, where they have interstellar adventures together. Cosmic Panda does not speak, but he can think magic.



As an important member of the emoji pack, Valentine is tired of routine and often uses his unique perspective to discover and understand the world. His passionate and energetic personality makes him stand out and popular

The Mr Kat design style has a unifying character set of attributes – simple eyes, nose and mouth, a cheeky tongue poking out, rounded, smooth bodies and a high gloss finish. These designs are intended to communicate tenderness, playfulness and happiness. 

His friends (cat and non-cat) live all over the world.

About artist

Jaime Alvarez is a famous Spanish artist, character designer, and IP creator. The features of his work are soft, fun and joyful. Inspired by the pre-Columbian art style of Colombia, his most important work are the world-famous Mr Kat & Friends.