Bridging the divide between the east and the west  

Bringing the world  closer together

Founded in 2017, Yue Cheng Technology as a leading company in the global immersive content industry mainly focuses on the introduction of overseas high-quality IP content, independent creation and the creation of offline immersive theme parks. Yue Cheng has established business partnerships with more than 50 film and television studios in 15 countries around the world. Since its inception, the company has been selected for the list of global AR/VR leaders chosen by Digi-Capital in the United States.


《The Apple》

First Award-Winning Work. 

Large Scale Multi-person Interacted VR film

In October 2018, Yue Cheng Technology with Japanese director Kaoru Naito and the Shenzhen Configreality produced the multi-person large scale  VR movie "THE APPLE." The work caused a sensation at the 26th British Riddans Film Festival and won the Best Multi-person Experience Award. This is the first time the Chinese team has won the award in the International Film Festival's VR Film Competition.